• B.M. Flute Performance, Western Washington University
• M.M. Flute Performance, University of Oregon

Member of the Greater Portland Flute Society

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I offer private flute lessons for every age. I started mentoring younger musicians when I was still in high school, and continued teaching into my undergraduate and graduate studies. I love playing the flute, and share with students that energy of newness, creativity, and freeing self expression. Every one of us learns and communicates in unique ways, and I do my best to accommodate each individual (and learn from them, too!).

Because of my yoga background, I can uniquely provide students with feedback and instruction regarding their posture and alignment while playing. Over time, almost every instrumentalist with develop a number of body imbalances due to the nature of their instrument. Developing this valuable awareness early on will allow them to stay healthy, feel more confident, and actually sound and perform at their best.

In teaching music and yoga, I value authenticity and connection above all else. I look forward to meeting you on your journey of music!

Each lesson includes:

  • Body awareness and alignment with the flute
  • Embouchure and tone development
  • Yoga movements and simple breathing techniques
  • Classical and contemporary techniques and training
  • Music theory, music history, improvisation
  • Scales, arpeggios and other technical studies
  • Participation in an annual Studio Recital
  • Participation in level appropriate events associated with the Greater Portland Flute Society